Waste Management

Waste Management

Let our experts at Solvent Buddy assist your business with the classification and packaging of your solid and liquid waste. We’ll ensure your waste is properly identified and disposed of accordingly – We dispose of both hazardous and non-regulated materials.


Waste Management Capabilities

We can handle the disposal of plating solutions, oil field waste, waste lubricants and coolants, honing sludge, waste water, time expired and off spec products, rags, and absorbent pads.

We use UN certified drums and totes (IBC’s) for the proper packaging and transport of your waste materials.

From small quantity waste removal to bulk load transport and disposal, let Solvent Buddy handle your chemical waste needs.

Environmental Services

  • We provide destruction and disposal of drums (plastic and metals), and totes (IBC’s) of all types.
  • We offer storage tank cleaning including residue removal, scale and foulant removal, waste, rinse and degassing.
  • We provide line cleaning and blockage removal, line flushes and equipment cleaning.
  • Removal of storm water from containment berms and holding ponds.
  • Removal of solids and liquid from sumps, drainage pans and waste water tanks.
  • Emergency Response Team assistance with the pump out of rail and road tanks during dangerous good incidents.
  • Provide Hazardous Materials Specialist for sorting and classification for the disposal of large quantities of small containers such as paint, resins, adhesives and other chemicals in original containers less than 30 L.