Transportation Services

Transportation Services

We have a specialized fleet of transport trucks and certified drivers to assist your business in the transportation of hazmat materials and fluids in a safe and responsible manner. We also offer provincial and inter-provincial delivery options including hot shot service.


Hazmat Transportation

Our employees are fully trained in TDG and are current in all new standards and policies for the transportation of Hazmat materials. Our drivers are licensed to transport all waste classes except class 1 and 7.

We have fast response capabilities to assist in emergency situations with our on call service to help with containment and removal during dangerous goods incidents. We can pump out of rail and road tanks.

Fluid Hauling

We can transport a variety of new and used liquid products from acids, oils, solvents, and waste.

Our fleet includes stainless steel Semi-Vacs, Tri-Tri Tankers, Body Job Vacs, Body Jobs, Stainless Steel Water Trucks, and Aluminium and Stainless Steel Bulk Tankers.

We can also provide hot and cold liquid products for pressure testing.

Provincial and Inter-Provincial Transport

If you require provincial or inter-provincial van delivery or pick-up, we can arrange transport for all your dry products, totes, and drums.

We also offer a hot-shot delivery service. Please contact us for all your delivery needs and see how Solvent Buddy can help your business.