Chemical Cleaning

Chemical Cleaning

Working with our customers, we provide a successful cleaning process by analyzing fouling to determine which innovative cleaning method is best suited for best results.


Chemical Cleaning Capabilities

We provide chemical cleaning services for all our customers’ requirements be it Gas plants, Dehy’s, Refinery’s, Power plants, Manufacturing, Scheduled maintenance projects.

Along with our other services chemical cleaning fits in well with Solvent Buddy as a recycling and disposal company. Our chemical cleaning team is made up of professional and experienced personnel. Helping our Customers with problem-solving our chemists and field people can work closely with our clients to find the right solution to every chemical cleaning and decontamination need, from initial planning stages up to the successful completion of all projects.

Services Include:

  • Boiler pre-operational chemical cleaning, as well as upgrades and maintenance cleaning
  • Vapor Phase degassing, to ready safe vessels and piping for maintenance, inspection or decommissioning
  • In-Situ cleaning of heat exchangers
  • Maintenance cleaning of vessels, trayed towers and packed towers, separators and dehydration units, as well as glycol systems, refrigeration units and condensers
  • In-house or in the field “pickling" and cleaning of process piping systems for commissioning or maintenance
  • On-stream chemical injection for neutralization, or on-line cleaning
  • Oil flushing and oil polishing for pre-commissioning or maintenance of lube oil of hydraulic systems
  • Oxygen system pre-commissioning cleaning
  • Foam cleaning of aerial coolers
  • Chemical cleaning of water and glycol heating systems
  • Storage tank cleaning and degassing
  • Design of chemical cleaning circuits
  • Foulant testing with solubility analysis testing for evaluation of potential cleaning solution chemistries

How It works

One of our team members can help you assess your needs for Chemical Cleaning, on-site or over the phone and will put together an action plan for your project, provide you with a quote and time-frame and schedule the cleaning to meet your time-requirements and availability.